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Kids: Acorns or Oak Trees?

February 22, 2019 • By

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A couple of months ago, we had some friends over to the house. They brought their kids and before long the whole gaggle of children was reporting they had not only found some acorns, but also planted a tree. This of course was done by placing their newfound acorns on a patch of dirt in our backyard. It was pretty adorable to see five mouths racing a hundred miles an hour (all at the same time no less) to explain the wonder of their discovery and project.

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A Christian Guide to Engaging Islam (Part 2)

January 29, 2016 • By


The topic of whether or not Christians and Muslims worship the same God has absolutely ignited the media in recent months.  For whatever reason, this question – do Muslims and Christians worship the same God – has been all over my Facebook feed, and just in the past few weeks has been posted by Ravi Zecharias, Franklin Graham, Billy Graham, the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry, and Answering Islam, among others…and not always with the same answer.