Creation GroansThursdays feature guest bloggers. Today’s post is by Josh Tingler. Josh is the Pastor of Student Ministries at Independent Bible Church (Martinsburg, WV). Follow him on Twitter here. The structure of today’s post is a bit different, as Josh is a gifted poet.

In the image of the Maker
we stood on and above
the earth. Charged to care
for its health and enhance
the beauty that the Maker
instilled, for some was latent
and tacit, not readily seen
but by those who look with love.

When that which is above
falls from its height,
carried by its weight
what’s underneath falls too.
They end in a groaning heap:
the man and his world.

But if our fall meant also
the fall of the earth –
if sin conceives curse –
then would it not be true
that our resurrection
would mean the rebirth
and resurrection of the earth?

From the one man who came
back from the grave,
leaving death tame
and ready to die
at the raise of his hand
as the final command,
we catch a glimpse of what
we may yet become:
our selves we will keep –
if we lose them and wait
for the Savior to save –
but we will be new,
remade but the same,
rid of imperfection.

The blind see, the lame
pick up their beds and dance,
the deaf hear with keen
awareness the roaring of
the lion as he plays
with the lamb. No bite
or scream spoils the air,
for the nights are days
in the glory unfurled,
revealed and blatant.

All things do not reverse
it seems, although
they do become new,
and in this mystery I
find my hope that all
the earth that I love
shall not be loved in vain.
She will be remade, but
she will remain the stream
and the valley around, framed
by the hills and named
by the ones charged to care.

When newness will come,
undoing the fall,
this place will remain.I pray to be found
faithful and hopeful, not
neglecting this place or
forgetting to long for
what yet will come.
He will redeem
not only the man he brought
from death back into life
but also the earth from strife
to more than Eden’s life.