When I was about 12, my Dad had an accident and tore virtually every ligament in his knee. After reconstructive knee surgery, he was flat on his back for quite a while. At this time, our family purchased cable TV for the first time.

It wasn’t long until we found out how intoxicating ESPN could be for a family with 3 competitive guys. I’d stay up for the 10 pm Baseball Tonight (and during the summer, the midnight edition of the same show). Then, of course, I had to make it up for the 7 am edition of SportsCenter. I still feel like that was a Golden Age of TV with Dan Patrick, Stuart Scott, and Kenny Mayne hosting shows.

As an aside, if you haven’t seen the “This Is SportsCenter” commercials, you are missing out. My top 5 favorites can be found here, here, here, here, and here.

We’d never really had this problem of “TV worship” as a family before, mainly because we’d never had cable TV. Our normal family Bible study was being crowded out at night and our personal Bible study time was being crowded out in the morning.

What did Dad do? He instituted “The Quiet Hour”. From 7-8 am, no one was allowed to have the TV on or basically make any noise at all. Yikes, that sounds strict, right? “Thou shalt not make any noise whilst preparing thyself for school.” Maybe. I never found it that difficult once you knew why the rule was created.

7-8 was “The Quiet Hour” so that we would foster an environment where studying the Bible could happen. Turns out, SportsCenter was overrated after all. The really cool thing was we didn’t listen to Mike & Mike on the drive to school – we all shared what we had read in the Bible that morning.

Maybe people do stuff like this today, but I don’t think so. I’m glad my Dad knew what was really important and didn’t mind making some tough decisions to help our family see what was really valuable. And, as the title of the article suggests, it turns out that SportsCenter was overrated after all.

Question #1: What is your favorite “This Is SportsCenter” commercial?

Question #2: How does your family place a high value on God’s Word? Leave a comment!