Empty DreamsWhat were your childhood dreams? Did you want to be President? Lead violinist for the New York Philharmonic? A professional athlete? It’s funny to look back at these dreams because many times, they were completely irrational. I wasn’t going to be President, lead violinist, or a pro athlete no matter how hard I tried.

Even though these dreams are usually unfulfilled, we still have a deep-seated desire to see them come to fruition. Why else would Dads spend thousands of dollars on specialized instruction for their 4-year old “elite” athletes?!? We still want to hypothetically see the narrative of our life play out according to our dreams, even if it is vicariously through our kids.

In a sense, those dreams are our functional Saviors. We think, “If I only achieved that … then my life would be complete.”

For me, it was going to the Little League World Series. Not many 12-year olds get to be on ESPN, but this was my shot. After making the all-star team every year leading up to that season, I somehow got cut. I was furious. How could this happen? I’d had a really good season! Didn’t they know how well I had played? God has a sense of humor. The kid who got voted in ahead of me is finishing his 4th season with the St. Louis Cardinals this year. Through 4 seasons as a starting pitcher, he’s averaging 15 wins per season. Yeah, I think the Little League voters got it right.

But, I digress. Human nature is to look to that dream to fulfill our deepest desires. Of course, the “dream” changes throughout life. My dreams as 10 year-old are different than my dreams as a 25-year old or a 50-year old. But, I still chase the dreams as if they will produce life. My guess is that you do the same, whether you realize it or not.

Shouting my story means that I shout how I have chased life in my dreams. I chased life in athletic dreams. I chased life in relationship dreams. I chased life in coaching dreams. I chased life in academic dreams. But each dream I chased didn’t give me the life I desired. No, they left me empty.

That is, until I recognized the Giver of the dream as greater than the dream. The dream, and its possible fulfillment was meant to point me to the One who gave me the dream. Our world screams that you can have the dream and you will find life in the dream. Don’t you hear that message from The Script?

#ShoutYourStory means that I shout the failure of my dreams to give life. The life that I so earnestly desired is only found in Jesus. Life is chaotic, and our dreams promise ecstasy that will take us away from the chaos, but they will not, they cannot, deliver on their promise. My story is that Jesus did deliver and will continue to deliver on his promise, “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”

What’s your story? Shout it out by leaving a comment!