Winding RoadHave you ever had one of those days where it seems like every 15 minutes another distraction comes up? One of those days where no matter how hard you try to prepare, there’s always another unexpected interruption knocking at the door? Truth be told, we’ve all had those days.

I had one of these days not too long ago. I had blocked out a couple of hours to study for an upcoming preaching engagement and was excited to have some time and space to think. Then the commotion started raining down. Somebody needed advice on how to handle a tough situation. Somebody else was sleuthing and needed to get my perspective on what I had seen. Somebody else pretended to have something important to talk about, but really just wanted to shoot the bull.

The frustrating thing was that I had planned my day well, got my other work done in advance, and had carved out plenty of time for the work that needed done. It’s not that I didn’t have a good plan, but the only way to be successful was to get out of my office and re-locate to an isolated spot where nobody would find me.

Now here’s the kicker: these kinds of distraction-laden days very accurately tell me about my heart. As the title of this article says, for my heart, every day is a winding road.

Every single day my heart will look to some person, some thing, some feeling, or some event to find meaning, happiness, and satisfaction. It doesn’t matter how hard I work to avoid these distractions, they are sure to pull me astray. This is because the bent of my heart, and every human heart, is to find this ultimate meaning and satisfaction in creation instead of the Creator.

So what do we do about our problem? We don’t do anything. But, we do preach the truth of what Jesus did. And, there are 2 important parts of this preaching.

  1. Preach the Right Message – Any message based in my actions will fail. That leaves one message – the message of what Jesus already did. It’s only in His work that I can ever hope to find meaning and satisfaction.
  2. Preach It Every Day – We are constantly turning away from the right message – it’s our nature. Unless I am constantly reminding myself of the truth, I will be dragged down by my desires to find satisfaction outside of Jesus.

If I follow my own heart, every day is a winding road. If I preach the truth to my wandering heart, each day can be a straight path that leads to life, satisfaction, and meaning. Don’t follow your heart today, preach to your heart that Jesus’ work is all you need!