SquirrelI’m continually amazed at the lessons I learn when I hang out with my toddler. It was raining the other day and we were watching squirrels bury acorns in our yard. At one point, we could 7 squirrels out her window.

As we were watching the cold rain fall, the collective focus of the squirrels was amazing. Every few minutes we would see one them shiver and shake the water off their back. Aside from that, they were constantly digging, burying, and stashing their supply of food.

Their focus and diligence got me thinking: why weren’t they chasing each other like they normally did? Why didn’t they stay in the tree house with such gnarly weather? Why did they keep their “nose to the grindstone” all afternoon? They knew what was coming soon (winter) and they knew what they needed to do (gather and bury nuts). With these 2 pieces of information, they were armed for success.

There is a clear parallel for Christians here. We know what is coming soon – Jesus will return. And, we know what we need to do – tell others about Jesus and his coming return. With these 2 pieces of information, we are armed for success.

The squirrels weren’t derailed by distractions, inconvenience, or friends goofing off. Why not? They were focused on 2 things: they knew what was coming soon and they knew what they needed to do.

Somehow, we regularly find ourselves derailed by distractions, inconvenience, and friends goofing off. Why? Because we aren’t focused on the 2 most important things we know. Today, I’m taking a lesson from the squirrels. You should too.

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