Murhpys LawHave you ever worked really hard on a project, only to run into problems at virtually every turn? I suppose you could say I’m asking if you have ever encountered “Murphy’s Law.”

I recently was faced with a choice: stay late at work or come home and hang out with my wife and kids. I actually had a ton of work to do but decided it could wait this time. So, I came home early and had a great time hanging out with my family. We had quite the “little girl” party.

We got the whole family into our bedroom and had a picnic with our daughter’s plastic food. She made us pizza, cucumber soup, and ice cream. Where do they come up with these food combos anyway?!? Whatever the case, we had a great time. Later on, we got out the Mega-blocks and built a truck, a house, a church, and a tower. My daughters were delighted. Our 2-year old kept saying “Build it taller, Daddy!” I felt like I was earning “Dad of the Year” honors.

Then, something strange happened. As bedtime approached, our toddler freaked out and wanted nothing to do with me. She didn’t want me brushing her teeth, changing her diaper, giving her milk, helping her go potty, or changing into pajamas. In fact, every time I got within arms’ length of her, she started screaming and sobbing. It was terrible. I had just left a huge stack of work in my office so I could spend time with her and she inexplicably wanted nothing to do with me.

As I was reflecting on what went wrong, I realized this was like another relationship I was in – my relationship with God. Except, in that relationship, God had passionately loved me and sought me, yet I kept trying to do things my way. Can you relate?

I love my daughters dearly. I love spending time with them and seeing them flourish. But, sometimes, they decide they want to do things their way. This is craziness because they don’t know what is best for them like I do. Again, the parallels to my relationship with Jesus are obvious.

Maybe you don’t have kids, but can you recall a time when your work seemed cursed? I’ll tell you why it seemed that way – because it was (and is)! Yes, the curse from Adam’s sin applies to all work, not just the work we get paid for. And, if you think about it, the curse on our work actually shows us the beauty of the Gospel because we get a glimpse of how God pursued us and we continually sought our own way.

Keep working hard, and when your work seems cursed, take the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the Gospel in a fresh way!

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*This idea was introduced to me by Matt Chandler in one of his sermons, titled, “Defining Masculinity.” It’s an excellent investment of your time.