AgnewOur family assembled our Christmas tree and erected our Advent decorations this week. It was the first year that our toddler was actually able to contribute to the process. To be honest, this was a part of fatherhood that I had never considered.

I’ve never been crazy about Christmas decorations, but this year feels different. You see, when our 2-year old finally saw the assembled tree with the lights on and the ornaments hung, she beamed with joy. Her glassy eyes got big, her smiled stretched all the way across her face, and he danced with glee around our living room. She was struck by wonder.

The wonder of a toddler is a beautiful thing. In many ways, her wonder moved me to again be overcome with the same emotion this advent season. I want to see the beauty of the story in fresh and engaging ways this (and every) year. This is where my favorite Christmas album comes into the mix.

Todd Agnew’s album, “Do You See What I See?” tells the Christmas story from the perspective of various characters in the story. For example, the 3rd song, “This Is All I Have To Give” tells the Christmas story from Joseph’s perspective. The song emphasizes the difficulty Joseph would have faced in trying to raise his son who was already God. What a challenge.

Another song, “Magnificat” puts Mary’s prayer in Luke 1:46-55 into lyrical form. If you are like me and you have heard the Christmas story hundreds if not thousands of times, Agnew’s album may be a great source of joy to you.

The reality is that God becoming flesh is one of the most unexpected truths in the history of the world. And yet, we have somehow become so comfortable with the notion that we rarely find it staggering. We seldom are blown away by the shocking plan of God to redeem us. This Christmas season, tune in to Todd Agnew’s Christmas album and re-discover the wonder in Advent season!