changes next exitIn July 2015, we launched Intersections without really knowing what to expect. We experienced tremendous joy in writing, receiving contributions from a litany of guests, positive feedback from several continents, and most of all, engaging friends and acquaintances in significant conversations.

As we have grown and learned from our first 6 months of existence, we’ve learned several lessons. Here are a few of them.

Series are good. We’ve run series on education, lessons from parents, and reasons to be thankful. As we map out 2016, we are looking to run more series this year. In fact, we already have a series on a Christian response to Islam scheduled for late January and early February. If you’d like to see a particular topic addressed in a series, please let us know in the comments!

Less can be more. Sometimes we are tempted to write long posts that deal with numerous counterarguments and refutations. Other times, we just think we have a lot to say! However, we know you are busy and a concise, compelling article is often more helpful than a longwinded one. We’ll keep working to be concise and avoid wordiness in 2016.

Life’s demands are increasing. We started Intersections with a plan to post 5 articles per week and for the most part, we have stuck to that plan. However, with increasing work and church commitments, we need to modify our schedule to a 3 post per week plan. Under our new plan, Justin will post on Monday, Emily on Wednesday, and Friday will be devoted to guest posts.

Thanks for reading in 2015 and continuing into 2016. As our tagline says, we look forward to “finding meaning and truth in the chaos of life” with you as we enter a new year!