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A couple of months ago, we had some friends over to the house. They brought their kids and before long the whole gaggle of children was reporting they had not only found some acorns, but also planted a tree. This of course was done by placing their newfound acorns on a patch of dirt in our backyard. It was pretty adorable to see five mouths racing a hundred miles an hour (all at the same time no less) to explain the wonder of their discovery and project.

Like their little acorn project, kids can be incredibly cute. I remember one of our daughters coming home from church when the lesson was about Paul and Agabus. She reported, “Today’s lesson was about Paul going to Alaska.” Agabus. Alaska. They’re basically the same, right? Another time I took her to an Indy Eleven game. If you’ve ever been, you know the Brickyard Battalion (the super fans) have the world’s most annoying trumpet/horn/who knows what it is. Whatever the case, my four year old looks up and says, “Daddy, I heard the Jesus-coming-back trumpet from where the super fans are.” Kids are cute.


More Than Cute

While we love their cuteness, we also want to see them grow into much more than cute kindergartners. We want to see them develop deep roots in the soil of the Gospel and live lives that matter for eternity. As Doug Wilson has said, “Acorns are cute, but sprawling oaks weathering a storm are glorious.”

There are obviously numerous steps that go into seeing them realize this growth. But the key is to realize that parents are God’s specially commissioned agents for this purpose. It’s their job. The church is called to assist parents, not to take the primary role in the growth of their kids.

Partnering Together

Because of this, we work hard at Parkside Bible Church to achieve excellence in equipping parents to fulfill their God-given task. One aspect of that equipping was a training session last week with Jim and Susan Cook, our missionaries who specialize in children’s ministry around the globe. They had some incredible insights, practical wisdom, and general encouragement for our parents. We had so much positive feedback from their training session that we will be expanding it into a series of blogs over the next week or two. The topics covered will be the following:

I’m looking forward to this set of blogs and hearing your feedback throughout. Please leave a comment on social media with questions or thoughts that come to mind so we can continue learning together.

Remember, kids are cute, but we want them to be more than cute. By God’s grace, we will partner together and see them transformed. By God’s grace, we will see them move from adorable acorns to sprawling oaks. By God’s grace, they will weather any storm because they are so deeply rooted in the Gospel.