These resources have helped me find the meaning and truth in life’s chaos. I trust they will help you as well.

  • Tim Keller is one of the best writers in Evangelical Christianity today. He has influenced me more than any other author outside the Bible. I highly recommend anything he has written. You can view his books here.
  • Al Mohler is the President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (Louisville, KY). He has a daily podcast called “The Briefing” that examines national and global news from a Christian perspective. “The Briefing” is usually only about 20 minutes but is a great place to find your news analyzed from a Biblical worldview.
  • Houston Baptist University has a publication called The City that features “leading voices in Christian academia and elsewhere on the critical issues of the times.” This is one of my favorite publications to read.
  • Biola University provides over 1oo free lectures on their website on topics relating to the defense of Christian faith. You can access this free library here.
  • Paul David Tripp has a special gift in helping people apply the grace of Jesus to every aspect of life. His website is a treasure of gospel-centered content.
  • The Gospel Coalition‘s website can be a bit overwhelming, but it is a comprehensive resource for finding honest discussions about faith and life. The comment sections provide a lively forum for conversation.
  • Mark Eckel is a professor of Leadership, Education, and Discipleship at Capital Bible Seminary. He brilliants integrates Christian faith into all of life, especially movies and the arts.

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