These resources have helped me find the meaning and truth in life’s chaos. I trust they will help you as well.

  • Tim Keller is one of the best writers in Evangelical Christianity today. He has influenced me more than any other author outside the Bible. I highly recommend anything he has written. You can view his books here.
  • Al Mohler is the President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (Louisville, KY). He has a daily podcast called “The Briefing” that examines national and global news from a Christian perspective. “The Briefing” is usually only about 20 minutes but is a great place to find your news analyzed from a Biblical worldview.
  • Houston Baptist University has a publication called The City that features “leading voices in Christian academia and elsewhere on the critical issues of the times.” This is one of my favorite publications to read.
  • Biola University provides over 1oo free lectures on their website on topics relating to the defense of Christian faith. You can access this free library here.
  • Paul David Tripp has a special gift in helping people apply the grace of Jesus to every aspect of life. His website is a treasure of gospel-centered content.
  • The Gospel Coalition‘s website can be a bit overwhelming, but it is a comprehensive resource for finding honest discussions about faith and life. The comment sections provide a lively forum for conversation.

Emily and I have also written several resources that you may find helpful. Feel free to print up to 25 copies of each for free distribution. If you would like to print more than 25 copies or would like to sell them please contact us.

  • In 2019, we wrote an inductive study through the book of Romans. We hope you will see the Gospel is not just how you get saved, it’s how you live as a Christian! The Gospel isn’t just the diving board into Christianity, it’s the entire pool. You can download the workbook here.
  • Emily wrote this 1 John Bible Study for a group of girls she was leading. We trust you will know the love of God in a deeper way as you use this study.
  • All of Christianity rises and falls on the resurrection of Jesus. How can we know if this historical event actually happened? Here is an article to guide your investigation.
  • Speaking of Jesus, how do we know he was actually a real person? In this article, I prove his existence from historical sources without using the Bible.
  • I (Justin) have a Master’s degree in apologetics, but what is apologetics?
  • Many Westerners feel like they have to choose between science and Christianity. How can you engage a friend who might feel this way? This article outlines some talking points.
  • How can a good God allow so much pain and suffering in the world? And how do we proceed in the midst of the suffering? Check out part one and part two of a series of classes I taught on this topic.
  • Many Christians feel like the media and publishing companies are not always forthright with evidence that supports Christianity. In this more academic paper, I show how many textbook companies work to suppress the truth about creation.

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